About HSTM


Department of Theoretical Mechanics was founded in 1902. The first head of department was I.V. Meshchersky, who made a huge step in development of teaching theoretical mechanics in Russia and in the whole world.

In 2019 Department of Theoretical Mechanics became Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics.

Today, Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics is dynamically developing educational and research environment, in which every student and researcher can realize themselves. Research areas range from modeling oil production processes to researching the formation of the Solar System

Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics include:

  • Research and Educational Center “Gazpromneft-Polytech”
  • Research and Educational Center “Biomechanics and Medical Engineering”
  • Laboratory for digital modeling of underground oil and gas reservoirs and well-test analysis
  • Research Laboratory "Micromechanics of Fracture"

Higher school prepares highly qualified specialists with extensive knowledge in the areas of:

  • Mathematics and mechanics
  • Modern computational methods and information technology
  • Mathematical modeling of physical and mechanical processes
  • Machine learning