HSTM young scientist Andrey Murachev has published a book about space

15 October 2020
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Andrey Murachev, a researcher at the Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics (HSTM) of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, presented his popular science book “The Mysteries of Space. Planets and Exoplanets”. In the book, he talks about the planets of the Solar System and exoplanets, celestial bodies that rotate not around our Sun but around other stars. The book’s presentation took place on October, 8 at Polytechnic University and was timed to the celebration of World Space Week.

One of the most important missions of World Space Week is to introduce people to the mysteries of the Universe, to help them understand it and, perhaps, to contribute to the formation of new future specialists in space research. HSTM scientist Andrey Murachev has been engaged in educational activities for more than three years: as a science popularizer, he holds open lectures for all people interested in space, including students and schoolchildren, he writes popular science articles. The book “The Mysteries of Space. Planets and Exoplanets”, according to the author, was “an intermediate result, the result of a synthesis of knowledge obtained during the work on the problems in astrophysics”.

“I have been working at HSTM on projects in astrophysics for many years, and I get a lot of interesting results. Besides, I have traveled around the world, talked to scientists, conducted a lot of research, and felt that I had accumulated so much information that it became necessary to share it with other people,” – said Andrey Murachev, the author of the book. – “Surprisingly, at this time, I was contacted by Roman Pereborschikov, curator of the Gutenberg Library project at AST Publishing. He offered me to write a book about exoplanets, to talk about the revolution associated with their discovery and research, a revolution that is happening right now before our very eyes. So to say, the stars aligned for writing and publishing this book”.

The book “The Mysteries of Space. Planets and Exoplanets” is intended for a wide range of readers. During the narration, the laws of physics and astrophysics are explained in simple language, star evolution is illustrated, and, of course, much attention is paid to the formation of the planetary systems. The author also speaks of the fate of scientists whose discoveries had a significant impact on the development of astronomy, how humans studied space before and how they are doing it now, what technologies are used to search for and discover new exoplanets. At the presentation of the book, Andrey Murachev touched upon all these issues, and also spoke about the diversity of species of exoplanets: hot gas giants, cold mini-copies of Neptune, worlds of oceans, super-earths, and wandering planets.

Read more about the book “The Mysteries of Space. Planets and Exoplanets” by Andrey Murachev at the website of AST Publishing House