Here is the first-year student of HSTM: Nikita Gusika

11 August 2020
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Today our first-year student Nikita GUSIKA is on the line. A graduate of the renowned St. Petersburg Lyceum 30, who was delighted with the level of mathematics taught at the Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics.

Nikita shared his impressions with us after his first year at HSTM:

“The first year was so intense that it does not even feel like it is over. I have found a job and even more than one. Now I am the deputy director of the All-Russian educational program “School of IT Solutions” in St. Petersburg and the assistant to the head of the “Newkey” company. Also, in the last academic year, I wrote my first scientific article about the creation of devices to make ice of absolutely any form factor from ice cubes. Definitely, all this would not have been possible without the help of HSTM. I was supported in all my initiatives, gave valuable advice, and, most importantly, made sure that everything would work out!

Studying at HSTM positively surprised me. Since the middle school, I studied in the Lyceum 30, graduated with honors, and thought: “Come on, at the end of the first semester I’ll go and take the exams, and I’ll pass everything, I’m from the Lyceum 30.” Never in my life have I been so wrong! The level of mathematics at HSTM is super cool even by the standards of strong physical schools, so learning is quite a challenge, but a very interesting one.

My advice to future first-year students is as follows. If you made the right choice and entered HSTM, then do not repeat my mistakes and start to pay time to study from the very first day, and then everything will be fine”.