Nikhil MOHANAN: “My career wouldn’t be so successful without HSTM!”

3 August 2020
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One of the brightest graduates of our international master’s degree program “Mechanics and mathematical modeling” this year is Nikhil MOHANAN, a student from India, who joined us two years ago. Nikhil spent the last six months at the Laboratory of Solid State Mechanics of the École Polytechnique in Paris, and was so passionate about research that after graduating from his master’s program in HSTM, he got a postgraduate position in Paris!

Nikhil is sure that this couldn’t have been done without his studies at the Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics and shared his impressions with us.

“Based on my personal experience, I can say that HSTM takes great care of each student’s progress and provides many opportunities to succeed both academically and professionally. The curriculum here is very serious, and for me, as an international student, advanced math was complicated, I did not know quite a lot. I discussed it with the teachers, and they gave me additional lectures and materials for studying. By the middle of the first semester, mathematics became clearer for me. Since then, it has been easier to study courses, and training has been based on the latest research results, which provide actual knowledge of technologies in mechanics and mathematical modeling.

During my studies, I worked with the researchers of the Russian Academy of Sciences and met many foreign scientists and professors. HSTM also offers its students jobs at the Research and Education Center “Gazprom Neft-Polytech”, where research is conducted in the oil and gas sector. I am very happy that I was also able to work at this Center too.

Famous scientists such as Professors Herbert Huppert, Holm Altenbach, Eric Charkalyuk, and others often lectured us, and they invited us to do research in their laboratories. That’s how I got the chance to start my research at the Laboratory of Solid State Mechanics of the Polytechnic School of Paris. I was working on a model of crystalline plasticity for micromechanics. It was this work that led me to my diploma, which focused on the evolution of microstructure in the additive manufacturing process. After defending my diploma, I decided to continue my research in micromechanics in the Laboratory of Solid State Mechanics, and I was given a full scholarship to study and work in postgraduate studies.

My studies at HSTM gave me many opportunities, and I can surely say that my career would not have been so successful without studying and working at the Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics!”