Raisa Rubinova named the best SPbPU graduate in 2021

5 July 2021
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Raisa RUBINOVA, a graduate of the international program “Mechanics and mathematical modeling” at the Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics, became one of the top three graduates of Polytech University in 2021.

During her tuition, Raisa paid a lot of attention to her studies and actively participated in various events, which include international ones.

"I wanted to get as much knowledge as possible, so I was not afraid to participate in various conferences, and scientific schools organized not only by our university but also by others, such as MIPT and HSE. Also, I attended courses of foreign professors at Polytech and studied for a year at one of the leading universities in Germany," — Raisa said.

In response to a question from the SPbPU Public Relations Office on what Raisa was most proud of during her time at Polytech, she replied that those are the "Excellent Student" award and her participation in the Erasmus+ student exchange program.