Dear first-year students!

1 September 2020
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Dear first-year students!

On behalf of all friendly staff of the Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics and from myself personally, I congratulate you on the beginning of the academic year!

A new and exciting stage of life has begun for you, and I sincerely wish you to take everything from it and fully feel the pleasure of student life: learn new things, do science, make friends, participate in various student activities, develop your hobbies. But at the same time, do not forget that studentship is fun, but at the same time, also a difficult period. Right now, you are becoming truly mature and independent; you begin to make important decisions and take responsibility for your actions. You will love this freedom, but you should learn how to use it wisely.

When you entered the Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics, you made the right choice! With us, you will be able to realize your creative potential, combine classes in fundamental science and work with industrial companies, including oil and gas. At HSTM you will obtain the high-demanded competences and get the most relevant knowledge which will allow you to build a career practically in any sphere. The main thing is to be proactive, and we at the Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics will always support you and help you implement your most ambitious ideas!


Director of HSTM and REC Gazpromneft-Polytech
Professor Anton Krivtsov