SPbPU scientist Anton Krivtsov wins the Chebyshev Prize granted by the Government of St. Petersburg

2 June 2021
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On May 27, during City Day, the St. Petersburg government awarded prizes for significant contributions to science and technology in Smolny. Anton KRIVTSOV, a researcher at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics and the Gazpromneft-Politech Research and Educational Center, was awarded the P. L. Chebyshev Prize for his achievements in mathematics and mechanics.

The prestigious prize, named after Pafnutiy Lvovich CHEBYSHEV, one of the greatest Russian mathematicians and mechanicians of the 19th century, the founder of the St. Petersburg mathematical school, member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences and 24 other international academies, was awarded to Anton KRIVTSOV for developing unified analytical and numerical methods to model processes occurring in discrete condensed matter. These methods allow to describe mechanical processes in condensed matter at different scales in a unified way, all the way from nanosystems to astrophysical systems.

Anton KRIVTSOV’s research focuses on the mechanics of discrete media, media with microstructure, mechanics of deformable solids, and mechanical systems computer modeling. He and his team have obtained outstanding results in fundamental and applied research topics. The scientist developed a mathematical tool that bridges the gap between the discrete micro-level description of matter and the continuum macro-level one. The obtained results give new insights into processes such as material damage and fragmentation, crack propagation, and even planetary system formation.

Премия им. П.Л. Чебышёва присуждается за достижения в области математики и механики

The scientist and his research team achieved significant results in the field of heat propagation, including the derivation of the ballistic heat transfer equation describing the thermal superconductivity phenomenon, and they developed an analytical description of heat energy transfer in ultrapure materials at the nano- and micro levels. Over the past three years, Anton KRIVTSOV and his students have published more than twenty articles on this topic alone in the world’s leading scientific journals. Their findings are used to describe the properties of new advanced materials, such as graphene.

One major Anton KRIVTSOV’s work was the planetary systems formation concept development and proof using the example of the Earth-Moon system. This project provided the basis to conduct a series of studies and scientific works as part of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences program. Also, his book “Origin of the Moon. New Concept” was co-authored with academician Eric GALIMOV.


Антон Кривцов является автором научных книг

The research team led by Anton KRIVTSOV has carried out a number of important works as part of the “Cyber Frac” project in cooperation with Gazprom Neft. This project aims to create the first Russian hydraulic fracturing simulator. For instance, scientists have developed physical and mathematical models and software tools based on discrete-continuum approaches that describe the formation hydraulic fracturing process when the fracture interacts with fractures in the bedrock.

Anton KRIVTSOV carries out extensive work not only as a scientist but also as an organizer. The International Conference “Advanced Problems in Mechanics”, one of the top events in Russia devoted to mechanics, takes place at Polytechnic under his direction every year. The conference promotes an international discourse among eminent mechanics scientists and engages students and new researchers in the study of mechanics. Furthermore, thanks to the Anton KRIVTSOV’s team, the St Petersburg Polytechnic University won the opportunity to host the 13th All-Russian Congress on Fundamental Problems of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in 2023, the largest scientific event in the field of mechanics in Russia.

I owe a lot to the Polytechnic University and the education I received here,” — says Anton KRIVTSOV. — “Many years ago, my teacher, Professor Pavel Andreevich ZHILIN, head of the Theoretical Mechanics Department, while discussing a discrete and continuum material descriptions problem with me, said: “You need to start thinking about these problems. Of course, you can’t solve them now. But if you start having them in your mind, maybe someday you’ll find a solution”. And I am delighted and proud that I received the Chebyshev Prize for solving these very problems”.