Gazprom auditorium opened in Technopolis Polytech

8 June 2021
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PJSC Gazprom opened an auditorium at REC Gazpromneft-Polytech located in the Research Building of Technopolis Polytech. The classroom was opened as part of Gazprom’s program of supporting the universities.

В Политехе открылась именная аудитория компании Газпром

Gazprom auditorium is a part of REC Gazpromneft-Polytech on the second floor of Technopolis. It is a new modern computer classroom for 30 people. The auditorium is equipped with high-power computers with specialized licensed programs for computer modeling of oil and gas production processes, such as T-Navigator, Petex, Schlumburger, EDEM, CMG, Kappa.

A unique feature of the computer classroom is its colorful design: the walls are decorated with pictures of Lakhta Center, one of St. Petersburg’s new landmarks and the highest skyscraper in Europe, and also the bird’s-eye views of almost the entire city. The photos were taken by Julia ASATUROVA, a leading specialist for engineering and economics at REC Gazpromneft-Polytech, and Alina KRIVTSOVA.

The new computer classroom first showed up during a visit of Sergey KHOMYAKOV, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, PJSC Gazprom. Also, the new auditorium was evaluated by Mars KHASANOV, Director for Science at PJSC Gazprom Neft, who paid a visit to REC Gazpromneft-Polytech on June 3.

“We are grateful to Gazprom for its support in opening a new computer classroom for Polytech students,” – said Anton KRIVTSOV, Director of REC Gazpromneft-Polytech. – “Today, a new image of St. Petersburg is forming due to the efforts of Gazprom and Gazprom Neft. St. Petersburg is a majestic city that preserves the history of our country, but at the same time, it is modern and high-tech. The design of the Gazprom auditorium is an attempt to reflect this image, and when the students carry out engineering projects in the classroom, they will feel that they have entered the future.

The new auditorium opened with classes for 10th graders from the best physics and mathematics schools in St. Petersburg during the Summer Internship at the Higher School of Theoretical Mechanics. The students learned about mathematical modeling in mechanics and modeling of oil and gas production processes. Using their knowledge of mathematics and geometry, they calculated the economic efficiency of hydraulic fracturing.

It is worth noting that not only students of Mathematical Modeling of Oil and Gas Production Processes programs can study in the auditorium: the computer classroom and its facilities are available to students of all institutes of the Polytechnic University and are open for various student activities.